A few weeks ago we had athletics on Friday. Everyone got in to their age groups for the day and we started. There were so many activities like high jump,long jump,sprints,shot put and The 400 meter run. The activities that I like are 400 meter run,high jump and shot put. Shot put is my favourite because I am really good at it. I love athletics day because we get to dress up in our house colours and we can were bandannas for our house group . The four house groups are kea,tui,ruru and pukeko . My group is kea and that is red, pukeko is green, tui is yellow and ruru is blue. I love that our age group cheers each other on. The best event was the house relays because some people were chosen to run for our house groups in different age groups . Everyone tried to behave so that there age group could win ice blocks . The Teachers give points on our sheets to see who wins The teachers give points for behaviour , how you change from activity to activity and cheering each other on. At the end t…
In August I had a holiday and went to Australia. The first thing that we did when we got there was shop at the mall called Harper town. Harper town is a small mall in Australia that we got our new things like my shoes and my Cav's basketball. I really liked the mall but it was really small and it was way too hot. The next place I went to was the arcade in hyper dome. The arcade in hyper dome  is really cool and the one game I wanted to play was called Wangan and it was my favourite game because you can challenge other people like adults and kids. The first thing I did was buy a card from the machine so that I could be ranked in the game and get cars that I could keep on the card. I got ranked around c. I am glad to be back because it has not rained ever since I was there and I like the cold sometimes. My sleeping schedules were different. I slept when it was 2 o'clock in New Zealand and 12 in Australia.

Geo boards

This term every Friday we go to different classes and we make projects. In my class we made a Geo board. This is my Geo board so the making of the Geo board 's are you need a piece of wood that is twelve  centimetres long and mark the wood so that there are two centimetres between them and  two centimetres off the sides. Then you put the markings five across and five down. After you mark five by five you get some nails and nail them in one by one and when you Finnish that you can make some designs like these if you would like to hear about more please comment  and help me next time.


KIND KINGDOM click hereInterland is a game were they help you  on social skills. So basically there are islands you can pick to play on and this is one of the islands called Kind Kingdom and you play as a character that has cards and he throws the card in the air in front of the sad person and he sees it and gets happy and you get 10 points every person you cheer up. REALITY RIVER Reality River is one of the islands as well  but Reality river asks you questions like your friend sends you something that hurts your feelings what would you do. And then it comes up with some options and if you get the answer correct a platform comes up so you can cross the river but if you get it incorrect you re spawn and lose 10 points.
TOWER OF TREASURE Tower of Treasure is another island so you have to outrun the hackers or they will steal your messages and your identity. Start by grabbing your emails and messages and they are purple and green icons that are floating but if you hit anything you will lose …

Hauraki Installation art

For our art show we made a house full of rubbish and the idea of this is.... would you put rubbish on your furniture and in your house? So we made a roster of when the classes are coming to watch our slide show. Everyone got a class to present there slide show and me and my partner worked out who had which slides and who had to talk in front of the class first. I was talking the loudest because I was sick and everyone before us was quiet.
We found out that there was going to be an underground train station in Auckland.They asked year 6 students of Auckland if we could make a piece of art to put on the wall's of the underground as a tile. So we had to make an art piece of a place that we wanted to go to by train, so I draw Africa because  there are so many cool animals like Lions, Zebras and Giraffes. Africa would be the best country to go to because you could loose more weight or get more exercise and you would get to meet some new people and some new cultural things like dances and foods. 

Waikowhai Art Festival

ON Tuesday Waikowhai had a Art festival. Everyone in the school made a piece of art to put in the festival. There was so many people weaving and looking at our amazing art work. Hauraki's art work had to be a Kiwiana bird like a Kea, Kiwi, Tui and a Falcon. I picked a falcon because it looked real complicated and I wanted to practice my art. For my colours I could use what ever I wanted and I used red , yellow and green because I like the Jamaican flag colours. So part of my background was blue for the sky and part of my background was the Jamaican colours. For my actual background there is a tree behind the bird with the sun and some land.